Video:Kumar loses 'Vishwas' in Kejriwal, questions CM on corruption

New Delhi: Are ‘achhey din’ for Arvind Kejriwal ending? It seems so. After a serious of  setbacks in elections,  Delhi CM’s close aide Kumar Vishwas has launched a scathing attack on Kejriwal and Delhi government.

Vishwas  punctured the very anti-corruption campaign which gave birth to AAP. "If in Delhi you form a government on the anti-corruption plank with the promise of freedom from corruption and fall silent and try to protect your own people when they come under the scanner, you will be questioned by people,” Vishwas said in a 13-minute video uploaded on Twitter. However, refrained from taking names.

Though Vishwas also crictised PM Narendra Modi, but that will not comfort the party as he a equates AAP government’s mismanagement in Delhi to PM’s mismanagement at national level . "We clearly don't appear to be worried as we are too busy pleasing our political bosses. We are only chanting `Modi, Modi...Arvind, Arvind...Rahul, Rahul...faces keep coming before us...India is Indira, Indira is India....Modi raj aa gaya, Yogi raj aa gaya...A K raj aa gaya...we don't seem to realise that all this is short-lived.  Whether it is Modi, Rahul, Yogi or is about five years...10 years...25 years...but India is beyond all this and will be there for thousands of years even after we are all gone."

At the start of the video Vishwas expresses anguish over the treatment given to the jawans during the Srinagar bypoll. "I want to ask whether we in this country can stop for some time and think beyond our political parties and flattery of our leaderships,” Vishwas said while commenting on the state of the nation. “Can we ask the question that with the same party government at the Centre and in the state, how can a son of India be attacked by goondas?", he added.

 "These governments are not permanent, they come and go....these palaces, PM house, CM house are I ask of you all to come out of your nests, your brackets and act,” Vishwas commented.

AAP is trying to put a brave face in the public, using Vishwas video to prove the level of democracy in the party. Describing it as “shaandar”, Kejriwal even retweeted the video.

  "My message is clear. I have said country first, politics later. I don't want to say anything beyond that. Each is free to interpret the message his own way,” The Times of India quoted Vishwas as saying.