Video: Women throw black ink on Brajesh Thakur as he makes shocking statements

New Delhi, August 8, News24 Bureau: Brajesh Thakur is perhaps the most-hated man today. Allegedly what he has been doing in the name of helping helpless orphan girls will put humanity to shame. Helpless minor girls, who had nowhere to go were being exploited physically and sexually by this man in a shelter home which was run by him.

Today as was coming out of the court in Muzaffarpur a woman threw ink on Muzaffarpur Shelter Home accused Brajesh Thakur outside court in Muzaffarpur. 

The shameless shelter home caretaker who is said to have been politically connected made some irresponsible allegations on the government. 

"I was thinking of joining Congress and it was almost final that I contest elections from Muzaffarpur. This is also happening due to that. None of the girls has taken my name, you can check that for yourself: Brajesh Thakur,  the Muzaffarpur Shelter Home accused.

He further added, "I've never had any relation with Madhu (absconding). This has been propagated by some newspapers who want my newspaper office to shut down. Their business is getting affected due to my newspaper that's why it's happening."

Brajesh Thakur, who is the prime accused in the case is a newspaper owner, a local power broker and the man who ran the shelter where the 34 girls, most of them children, were allegedly sexually assaulted.

The CBI inquiry of Muzaffarpur shelter home case will now be monitored by the Patna High Court. "State government's written argument was presented before Patna HC today which court has accepted. Court has also accepted state government's appeal to hold HC-monitored CBI inquiry and conduct speedy trials in special court, said Lalit Kishore, Advocate General of Patna High Court.

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