VIDEO: Why Virat abuses a lot, Gambhir reveals BIG secret

New Delhi: He rarely smiles, and seems to be a permanently angry man. You will hardly see him happy even when his team is winning. He is Gautam Gambhir. Then there's another one, whose on field aggressive behaviour has made headlines in recent past. He is Virat Kohli. Both are often abusive, but why do they do it? Well, Gambhir has finally reveled the secret.      

Kolkata Knight Riders captain wears his heart on his sleeve ever time he walks on to the cricket field. During post-match interactions also, KKR captain Gambhir gives you those serious looks. But now the team management has managed to get answer to a question that keeps haunting cricket fans- Why Delhi players abuse so much

"It just comes naturally (abusing on the field). It's just the culture (in Delhi). That is the only thing I can say because that's the way you've been brought up and maybe the competitive edge as well. Being from Delhi and being so competitive normally that's how the culture is," Gambhir says in a video interview released by KKR.

To prove his point, Gambhir cited Virat Kohli's example, who also hails from Delhi. "Looking at someone like me and Virat (Kohli) obviously you can say that (laughs). There is nothing wrong in it unless you don't take it personally. If you keep it on the field that's absolutely fine. Till the time you don't take it personal and off the field that is fine. But yes, somewhere down the line you cannot cross the line. A lot of people are watching as well so you have to be a little more sensible about it," Gauti added.

Both lose temper at drop of a hat, and Gambhir and Kohli have not even spared each other. They have been involved in ugly arguments during the 2013  and 2015 IPL seasons.

However, Gambhir agreed that the abusive nature becomes embarrassing when his family is watching the match on TV, and the 'action' is repeated in slow motion. "Especially when your family is watching and your sitting with your family and watching the replay. You know when you've abused on certain occasions. Obviously it's very embarassing. But as I said, you still have to control your emotions and at the same time the whole world is watching, you could be a role model for so many other people so you don't want people to follow on those footsteps," the KKR captain added.