Video: Teen in Bihar raped for months by 18 including principal, teachers

New Delhi, July 7, New24 Bureau: Nothing can be more shocking and worse than this. A class 10 student in Chhapra was raped continuously for seven months by her fellow students, principal, and two teachers. Her father was in jail and her ordeal continued for months together until her father came back from jail.

A class 10th student of a private school in Saran district has alleged that she was raped by 18 people including the school Principal, teachers and fellow students for the last seven months.Police have arrested the Principal, two students and a teacher so far.
A case has been registered at the Ekma police station in Chhapra's Parsagarh, based on the girl's statement taken at a women's police station.
The Bihar Police on Friday arrested the principal, a teacher and two students over the allegations of a gang rape of a schoolgirl in an area near Chhapra.

The girl, in her complaint to the police, said that she was blackmailed and gang-raped by the principal, two teachers and 15 students for the last seven months, ever since her father went to jail.
 A case has been registered in Chhapra's Parsagarh that falls under Ekma police station based on the girl's statement.

The family alleged that the police first refused to lodge the complaint, but conceded after they threatened to take the matter to senior officials.
The girl has alleged that ever since her father went to jail in December 2017, the principal and the teachers of the Deepeshwar Gyan Niketan gang-raped her. In total, two teachers (including the principal) and 15 students have been booked on the basis of the victim's statement. A medical test of the girl is yet to be conducted.