Video: Significance of Holika Dahan: It can make you a millionaire; shubh muhurat, vidhi of puja

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, March 20: Today is Holika Dahan and it has a deep religious significance. Know the right muhurat, vidhi and timing of doing Holika Dahan puja.

Holika Dahan is an integral part of Holi and its puja and rituals have a great significance. The bonfire is burnt and devotees offer different offerings in the Holy Fire. This is considered a  very important ritual of Holi Celebrations. According to mythology Prince Prahlad was the son of King Hiranakashyapu who wanted all powers from Lord Vishnu. He was jealous of his own son as Prahlad was a true Vishnu devotee. Father tried to kill his own son in different ways but every time the Lord saved him. 

Holika Dahan has great religious significance. The puja should be done following all rules. We bring you the instructions given by famous astrologer Pandit Suresh Pandey regarding the puja, muhurat and vidhi of the auspicious puja. Watch the video here: