Video: Priyanka praises Azaan, Sonu trolled with 'learn from Priyanka'

Mumbai: Sonu Nigam may have gone bald to prove a point to Maulvi on the Azaan controversy, but will he answer Priyanka Chopra?  To Quantico girl, Azaan gives a soothing effect and peace of mind. 


 Well, after the Azaan controversy broke out, an old video of Priyanka praising azaan has gone viral. The video is from a Bhopal promotional event which was organised in 2016 to promote ‘Jai Gangaajal’. 

During the event, Priyanka was asked about her favourite time of the day.  The reply was prompt—after the pack up she likes to sit on the terrace where Azaan from six mosques can be heard at sunset. 

 “I really like those five minutes. The sun is setting and the azaan can be heard on the microphone (loudspeaker). It’s a strange, peaceful time. It’s my favourite time of the day,” Priyanka is heard saying in the video.

Now many who trolled Sonu and  Priyanka fans are sharing the video on social media with a simple message for Sonu- ‘learn from Priyanka’. Sonu is now being trolled again with this video.