Video: Mend broken relations and set right bad luck this Navratri by doing this

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, April 10: It is the sixth day of the auspicious festival of Navratri and the devotees are entrenched in devotion for the Devi. 

Chaitra Navratri is here and this is considered a very auspicious period for the devotees who fast, do Kalash puja and chant mantras. Devotees also do the Durga Shaptshati Paath and follow all rituals with intense faith.  

This period is also considered very auspicious for starting a new work, for marriages and for buying a new property.

Kalachakra is a popular TV programme and Pandit Suresh Pandey is a popular and famous astrologer who suggests simple and doable rituals for the happiness and prosperity of the individuals.   As the Navratri week is on, he is coming out with practical suggestions to be followed in this period.

 If you have a bad relationship with your loved ones and you are also tired of bad luck then perform these rituals in this Navratri.