Video: Kindergarten kids locked in school basement for not paying fees

New Delhi, July 11, News24 Bureau: 59 innocent children, all students of kindergarten were virtually locked in the basement of the school building to put pressure on the parents to clear the school fees and other dues. In what can be called the height of insensitivity, the children were not given any food, water and they were made to sit in the hall where even the fans were switched off.

The school was Rabea Girls Public School in old Delhi and the incident occurred on Tuesday, where the children were held captivated inside the school basement for nonpayment of school fee.

This was the most brutal and insensitive way of handling reportedly the issue of non-payment of school fees.

 Seeing the height of this cruelty towards the innocent kids, the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has asked for a report on the matter. 

"59 children were allegedly locked in the basement of the school. The parents alleged that the children who punished for non-clearance of fees. We have registered a case under section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act. We are investigating the matter," police said to ANI.

Zia Ud Din, one of the parents said to ANI, "Children were locked in the basement for non-clearance of fees. Yesterday (Monday) children were not in the classroom and were confined in the basement. I had even cleared the fees, in spite of that my child was punished. The Children were thirsty and were suffering in the heat. Police helped us. Even after I showed the proof of fees clearance, the Principal was not apologetic or remorseful."Another parent, Muhammad Khalid, said, "If fees are not cleared, why are you punishing the kids? The girls were crying incessantly. We want the school authorities to not be inhumane."Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also sought a report on Rabea Girls' Public School issue where students were allegedly confined in the basement of the school premises for defaulting on payment of school fees.The parents of the schoolgirls say that the school authorities detained their children in the basement of the school building from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm, despite soaring temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius.Meanwhile, Farah Diba the head mistress of the school, rejected the allegations as wrong, saying that teachers were with the children who were playing in the basement."Basement is where the children play, there were 2 teachers watching them, they usually sit on the ground and the fan had gone for repair that day. The allegations are wrong," Farah Diba, Head Mistress, Rabea Girls' Public School school.

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