Video: The gun which pumped bullets inside Munna Bajrangi recovered

New Delhi, July 10, News24 Bureau: Munna Bajrangi, the dreaded gangster and also a close aide of Mukhtar Ansari is a known contract killer and a gang leader from eastern Uttar Pradesh. He was shot dead at the District Jail, Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh on July 9. According to reports he was shot ten times in the head within the jail premises and died on the spot, suggest reports.

ADG, Law and Order, Anand Kumar informed that they have found the gun used to kill dreaded gangster Munna Bajrangi who was brutally killed allegedly by another gangster Sunil Rathi. Sunil Rathi says that Bajrangi was teasing him and calling him 'mota' and this became the triggering point. The fight began and it was Bajrangi who targeted Rathi first, says the Rathi. Rathi then pulled his leg and grabbed the gun and emptied the cartridges inside him, he says.

Wife Seema Singh has pointed an accusing finger on many politicians and other big names in political circles. An FIR has been filed against 'baahubali' Dhanhjay Singh.  politician and st
Munna Bajrangi is a very famous name in Uttar Pradesh's world of crime. He was very fond of arms and kept guns at an early age. of 15. Munna Bajrangi was a big name in the world of crime and was famous for his style and chutzpah. He was brutally murdered on Monday morning after he was brought to Baghpat from Jhansi jail last night and was to be produced in court today. He was shot dead at 6.30 AM the same day and h succumbed to the injuries.

His life was in anger and he had expressed this fear. His wife had said that her husband's life is in danger.
Seema Singh, wife of Gangster Munna Bajrangi, on 29.6.18 had said, "I want to tell UP CM Adityanath ji that my husband's life is in danger.  A conspiracy is being hatched to kill him in a fake encounter."
"There was an altercation between Sunil Rathi and him after which he shot him dead. He has been detained and is being interrogated. Jailor,Dy Jailor, Warden and Head Warden have been suspended. Have requested a judicial and magisterial inquiry, " said ADG Prison on Gangster Munna Bajrangi shot dead at Baghpat Jail
 A special operation has been conducted for long three years before the Delhi Police could nab him. Munna Bajrangi's  real name was Prem Prakash and he was a dreaded criminal in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.