Video: Famous JD-U netas linked to Patna Shelter Home 'beautiful woman'?

New Delhi, August 13, News24 Bureau: Who is Manisha Dayal? This question is on everyone's lips as the extremely gorgeous-looking Manisha Dayal, who happens to be the director of a Patna-based NGO Aasra Shelter Home is in the midst of controversy. Her name is being linked to big JD-U netas and the attractive pictures splashed across the internet is a tell-all tale. 

Manisha Dayal is a high-profile name in Patna's high and sophisticated society. Her name came into limelight after the death of 2 girls in her shelter. One of the girls has been cremated while the other four have been made to run. 

Manisha Dayal has been arrested and the police are grilling this dangerously gorgeous lady and many skeletons are expected to stumble out which may shame the high and mighty in Patna. The inmates were staying in the Nepali Nagar locality of Patna.

To save its skin, the shelter home said the women died during treatment at Patna Medical College. "The hospital authorities contradicted the statement and said the inmates were brought dead. Police were informed about the deaths only this morning," Deputy Superintendent of Police, Law and Order (Patna), Manoj Kumar Sudhanshu disclosed to the media.

Watch the shocking details in this shocking video: