Video: Deoria Shelter Home: Girls went in cars at night returned weeping next morning

New Delhi, August 6, News24 Bureau: In yet another shocking incident, this time from Uttar Pradesh's Deoria, a tale of horror unfolds which gives shiver down the spine and puts humanity in shame. Young girls narrate the stories of exploitation and shame where they are either asked to work in inhuman conditions or are pushed into flesh trade.

After the Muzzafarpur shelter home episode where the girls were sexually exploited, the news of another bout of exploitation in yet another shelter home is horrific.

The Deoria police on Sunday arrested a couple and rescued 24 girls from a shelter home after its licence was revoked following an inspection by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

"It'll be investigated. The concerned district admn is already taking action in this regard. Women & child development ministry is also looking into the matter. The children will be sent for medical examination. Truth will be brought out," said ADG (law & order) on Deoria shelter home scandal.

The couple was managers at the shelter home and were supposed to be their guardians.

A girl from the shelter disclosed that girls above the age of 15 were sent in red or white cars and when they returned next morning they wept inconsolably.

Only when a girl escaped from the shelter home and informed the police how they were all treated like servants, the incident came to light.

 Rohan P Kanay Superintendent of Police said, "When the order to close this institution was made, our people went there and the organisation's director misbehaved with our team. Today, after a girl escaped from there, we got to the reality of that place. There have been many big disclosures during the investigation. 24 children have been rescued safely so far."

He further informed that the institution's director Girija Tripathi and her husband have been arrested.