Video: AAP's Alka Lamba may return to Congress, gives enough hints

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Mar 15: Unhappy with AAP firebrand leader Alka Lamba says that she will certainly consider returning to Congress if the party asks her to so.

AAP MLA Alka Lamba is not happy with many things in AAP and has said if the Congress approaches her to join the party then she will consider the offer. Besides this, she had also given her piece of mind and said there is a possibility of formation of an alliance between the Congress and the AAP in Delhi in a couple of days. Alka Lamba further said, "This is the time to join the nationwide movement against the BJP and if the Congress approaches me then I will consider the offer and not deny it."

 "I gave two decades to the Congress. The Congress is doing good and this is the time to join the movement against the BJP," Alka added.    Lamba hit a rough patch with the AAP over its decision to pass a resolution to revoke former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi's Bharat Ratna. She had raised objections to the party's resolution.    Last month, she alleged that the party leadership was "weakening" her and said she is being accused of attempting to switch over to the Congress.    In December, Lamba said in a tweet that the AAP had asked her to support the resolution, which she refused. She then added that now she is ready to face any punishment because of her actions.    Lamba won the Chandni Chowk assembly seat in the 2013 Delhi polls. Before joining the AAP, Lamba was part of the Congress women's wing. 

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