Vehicle Recall Data Of All Carmakers Now Available At One Place

The Easy Availability Of Recall Data Will Benefit Used Car Buyers In India

SIAM recall data

SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) has decided to publish data of all vehicles that have been recalled in India on its website. The data is accessible to everyone and includes the reason of recall alongside other details that can help viewers filter the data. All previous recalls by carmakers since October 2012 are available online. While carmakers ensure the recall data is made public, it wasn’t so convenient to find it online.

The move will especially benefit used car buyers as they can now check whether the car model they bought or are about to buy was ever recalled or not. If recalled, buyers can cross-check with the manufacturer whether the said vehicle was rectified in the recall or not, and in case the first owner has not got the problem sorted, the new owner can at least have it fixed. First owners too can benefit by going through the data once to be sure that they haven’t missed a previous recall.

Under SIAM’s voluntary vehicle recall policy, car manufacturers are expected to recall vehicles with manufacturing defect. The idea is to ensure the safety of occupants. So any component that is not according to specifications and can cause danger to the life of occupants needs to be replaced by carmakers free of cost. This policy applies to only the first seven years of a vehicle’s life, and it’s mostly the first owner who gets notified of the recall. Readers can head to SIAM’s official website to access recall-related info.


Vehicle Recall Data Of All Carmakers Now Available At One Place