Vegan condoms are here!

In a news that will spread cheer among vegan people, a new condom has been launched but there is twist, it is a vegan condom. It is available by the name 'Sustain'.

The condom is mainly for those people who avoid using any animal products. The company has launched this product and removed casein from it. Casein is a milk protene which is normally used in other latex condoms. 

Moreover, the condom is eco-friendly and will not pollute the environment after its use. 

Founder of Sustan, Meika Hollender said, "The latex used in Sustain condom is obtained from the rubber produced in South India. Normally, people remain very conscious about the ingredients used in their food and make-up products. But, they are not alert when it comes to condom which is used by our body in its internal parts."