Veena Malik now wants to study Islam

Islamabad: Veena Malik, whose appearance in the Indian TV show "Bigg Boss" sparked a row in Pakistan, is now going to devote herself to the study of Islam. Dawn News says she will do this under the guidance of Mufti Naeem of madrassah Jamia Binoria and ensure that her children also receive Islamic education. The one-time model and actress, who has spent the past few years abroad, said this to the media in Karachi. Her husband and Mufti Naeem were on her side. "In my two years in America, I read a lot of literature recommended by Junaid Jamshed sahib," she said. "My life was turned upside down a while ago and my elders cautioned that it's very hard to stay on the right path in times like this.  "Indeed, in the past three years, I have been tempted to stray several times. Thankfully, I have had Mufti Naeem, Maulana Tariq Jamil and Junaid Jamshed sahib to guide me," she added. In 2011, after Veena appeared on the controversial reality show "Bigg Boss" hosted by superstar Salman Khan, members of the religious community in Pakistan criticized her harshly. Veena also shot to relevance when she appeared topless on the cover of Indian FHM magazine sporting an 'ISI' tattoo on her arm. Over the past few years, Veena has withdrawn from the public eye and given birth to two children.