Exclusive Video: Delhi triple murder: Old lady's friend's daughter, her lover arrested, both did recce a day before

New Delhi, June 26: Shocking facts are coming to light in the Delhi triple murder case in Vasant Vihar. The Delhi Police Crime branch on Wednesday arrested two main suspects in connection with the Vasant Vihar murder case. As the details come out it appears to be straight from a Bollywood potboiler.

From day one the police were working on the formula that the heinous crime has been carried out by some known people. The Crime branch sleuths checked the CCTV camera of the day the murder was carried out and also of the day before.

Shocking similarities between a couple caught in the footage of both days caught their attention. On both days the girl was seen covering her face with a dupatta and the boy was wearing a helmet. The previous day's footage showed the girl was pointing towards the flat of the elderly couple Vishnu Mathur, 78 and Shahsi Mathur, 75. the couple lived with their nurse Khushbu Nautiyal, 24.

The next day footage showed that the couple was leaving the premises with their face covered again and this time both were seen carrying a bag. this made the police suspicious.

Police zeroed down on all those people who knew the couple. And in this process, it was discovered that the girl who committed the crime with her lover was, in fact, the daughter of a friend of the deceased lady Shashi Mathur.

The police confronted the girl who confessed to the crime and led her to her boyfriend.

The couple has confessed to the crime.The couple was hiding in Gurugram and has been brought to Delhi. See exclusive CCTV camera footage with News24.

The robbery was the motive behind the murder and the details of the things stolen are yet to be ascertained. It is yet to be known if the police got hold of the stolen items.

Both are being interrogated and police are yet to recover the weapon carried out to do the crime. 

All details will come out shortly.

Earlier the police had suspected it was the handiwork of the nurse

Police on Monday suspected that the killing of an elderly couple and their attendant in southwest Delhi's Vasant Vihar might have been carried out by a man and a woman known to the attendant.It was also suspected that the accused had come with an intention to harm the nursing attendant, but ended up killing the couple to eliminate witnesses, they said.

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