Valentine’s special: Top 7 romantic movies to watch

New Delhi: With just two days remaining for the Valentine’s Day, couples are busy planning a perfect evening for their ‘someone special’.

While some are planning to spend a day out at fine-dine restaurants, others are planning to bundle up in their blankets and go for a movie marathon.

So here are our top picks for the day:

When in Rome

Beth is chased by a band of suitors when she steals a coin from the ‘Fountain of Love’ in Rome. What happens next is roller-coaster ride you wouldn’t want to miss.


50 First dates

Those who say love is easy haven’t met Henry Roth, a young man who falls in love with Lucy. Everything is fine, until he discovers that Lucy has short-term memory loss.


(500) Days of Summer

It’s an offbeat comedy about a boy who falls for a girl who doesn’t believe in true love.


The Vow

Collin’s entire world takes an unexpected turn when a truck rams his car and his wife Paige looses all her memories. While Paige decides to move on with her life, Collin patiently waits for her memories to come back. How Collin and Paige reunite is a heart-warming tale.


This Means War

A Reese Witherspoon classic, the story revolves around two CIA operatives who wage a war against each other when they discover that they are dating the same women.


The Longest Ride

Paths of Luke and Sophia intertwine when they meet Ira, whose memories of decades-long romance with his beloved wife deeply inspire the young couple.


The Best of Me

Childhood sweethearts Amanda and Dawson reunite 20 years later to fulfill the last wishes of friend. While Amanda is married, she still has feelings for Dawson but she can’t forgive him for pushing her away.