Valentine’s special: Top 5 reasons why being single rocks

New Delhi: Today is Valentine’s Day and couples are busy planning the day with their loved ones.

Markets are all painted in color of love and the streets are bustling with people hunting for the perfect gift for their ‘someone special’.

However, there are some who are flying solo and pouring their hearts out into a pint of ice cream.

Though being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling, being a lone wolf is not a bad choice either.

Here are top five reasons why being single totally rocks:

1.You kickass at work

Being single doubles up your productivity as you’re focused on your work and have fewer distractions to deal with.


2.You’re happy & healthy

A recent research suggests that single people are more likely to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not being in a relationship means no late-night calls and hence adequate sleep.


3.You have a strong social network

Being single invariably means having a strong social circle and deeper friendships. Single people have more time and energy to share with their siblings and friends, which lead to lasting bonds.


4.You do whatever you want

From going on a solo trip to pursuing your passion, being single means you get to do whatever you want. Bonus: being single also makes you extremely independent.


5.You have more to save & splurge

Spending for your loved ones is good, but being in a relationship necessarily increases your expenses. Being single means you have more funds at your disposal and your can either save or splurge according to your wishes.