Vaghela in a vindictive mood, questions top party brass

New Delhi: In an attempt to blow off the lid from a conspiracy theory from within the Congress, former Congress veteran Shankarsinh Vaghela talked to media thereby stepping on multiple toes. 

Blaming the Congress high command he said that it was a conspiracy by Congress as they had planned everything well in advance. This was in a clear reference to the two rebel Congress MLAs votes which were disqualified thereby paving victory for Congress chairperson Sonia Gandhi's 'Chanakya' Ahmed Patel. The Congress emerged winner in this war of wits with BJP.

Pointing a finger at Ashok Gehlot, Congress in-charge for Gujarat he said, "He said that I was acting under CBI pressure, I told him that I wont vote Ahmed Patel till he apologizes for this comment. It is an open secret that since Vaghela had made an exit from the Congress the road to Rajya Sabha seats became an uphill task for Ahmed Patel. There was a cold war between the two and insiders say that Vaghela's decision to exit was directly related to Patel. Nonetheless, he was quick to add, "I congratulate Ahmed Bhai, acche sober aadmi hain, inka hisaab Dilli wale karna chahte the lekin ye jeet gaye" On Thursday morning Congress came own heavily on his rebel MLAs by suspending them for a period of six years.