Use PM's Jadoo App, earn cash! Know A-Z about BHIM-Aadhaar

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi on Friday ensured that you can make digital transactions without a mobile phone. This has been possible with the launch of BHIM-Aadhaar Pay app. It is a biometric-based payment system which allows you to make payments via fingerprint scanner.    

How to use BHIM-Aadhaar App

1. You have to link your bank account to Aadhar

2. Fingerprint will be your password

3. Biometric details will be fetched from Aadhar database

4. Fingerprint scanners will authenticate biometric details

5. Once identification is through, transcation will be completed

6. Merchants will have to buy fingerprint scanners

With more than 1.8 crore downloads of the app which is available both on the Google Play Store and the iOS App store, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched two new offers to reward BHIM users. These two schemes are:

How to earn money by using BHIM-Aadhar App

Two referral schemes have been started

A.BHIM Bonus Scheme (for individuals)

1. Incentive for introducing App to new users

2. You get incentive when the new users uses App

3. New user too will get incentive

4. Bonus to both the referrer and the new user(referee)

5. Bonus only after new user does 3 different successful transactions

6. Bonus after minimum 3 unique successful transactions

7. Total transactions of Rs 50 to any 3 unique users (either to customers or to merchants) will make you eligible for bonus

8. BHIM notification will update you about bonus

9. The referrer will get Rs 10 per successful referral

10. New user will get Rs 25 for downloading and transacting from BHIM App.

B BHIM Cashback Scheme (for merchants)

1.The scheme incentivizes not just one-time adoption of BHIM by merchants, but will also encourage transactions via BHIM mode (either QR code or VPA or Mobile number or 'Pay to Aadhaar')

2. Merchants can earn up to Rs 300 per month via cashback.

3. Each merchant can win up to Rs 1800 in 6 months

What is BHIM Aadhar App?

1.BHIM Aadhar is a new Aadhar-based Payment

2. It is an Android smartphone application

3. No fees. Currently, the private card companies such as 'MasterCard' and 'Visa' take charges.

2.Who should download Aadhar Pay app?

1.Only shopkeepers, showrooms need to install aadhar pay app.

2. Users need to justlink their aadhar number with their bank accounts.

3.Shopkeepers need to download the app to take payments from customers

3.How to download BHIM Aadhar Pay app?

1.Merchants can visit Google Play Store, search for 'Aadhar Pay' and click the download link.

2. Merchants will need to buy fingerprint scanner and connect their smartphones to it

3. Merchants will have to link bank accounts and register on the app

4.How BHIM-Aadhar Pay App works?

1.Merchants should first download the BHIM Aadhar Pay app on their android smartphone.

2. Connect smartphone to a biometric reader

3. Price of biometric reader is just Rs 2000

4. For making payments a customer needs to enter his Aadhar Number 5. Then select the bank from which the payment is to be made and use the fingerprint as password

6. When you enter Aadhar Number, the app will fetch the bank accounts linked to your Aadhar

7. Then you can select the bank for payment

Advantages of BHIM Aadhar App

1. You need not use debit or credit cards

2. No need to download mobile Apps for cashless payments

3. No need to carry a mobile

4, No need to remember passwords, account number, or set up of virtual payment addresses and using USSD codes to transfer money.

5. No service tax or extra charge on transactions