US says Britain should renew its Trident nuclear system

London: The US Secretary of Defence Ash Carter said on Saturday that Britain must renew its Trident nuclear weapons system if it wants to play an important role in the world.

Carter told the BBC that this system was an "important part of the deterrent structure of NATO" and aided the "special relationship" of Britain with the US.

The House of Commons is expected to vote before the end of 2016 on whether to back government plans to renew the four Vanguard submarines carrying the Trident, whose cost is estimated at about $44.9 billion.

Carter noted that the US is "very supportive" of this system and London should invest in its renewal.

"We depend upon the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom depends on us, that's part of the special relationship," he said.

British Conservative government backs renewing these nuclear missiles, while Labour opposition is currently reviewing its support for this deterrent system.