US philosophers slam Trump's anti-Mexican policies

Washington, Feb 16 (IANS) Nearly 500 US philosophers have announced their rejection of the anti-Mexican policies of American President Donald Trump, the media reported.In an open letter signed by the philosophers working at universities around the country -- and posted on the website of a leading Mexican university -- the academics on Wednesday stated their "strong repudiation of the Trump administration's intended policies towards our neighbouring country of Mexico", Xinhua news agency reported.The "xenophobic" policies "distort our deep historic, economic, cultural and academic bonds", the letter said."We are deeply concerned by the fact that plans are already underway for the construction of a wall on our border under the premise that Mexicans themselves will pay for it. This is an unacceptable threat, an act of profound disrespect, and a direct aggression to an historic economic partner and cherished friend."They also expressed "major concern for the announced mass deportations of undocumented immigrants, including Mexicans", and urged the administration "to change these erroneous and compromising policies".Academics from some of the most prestigious universities joined in denouncing the measures, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, Princeton, Yale and New York University.Mexico's National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), whose Institute of Philosophical Research (IIF) hosted the letter on its website, said it was working closely with its academic counterparts in the US.The Director of the IIF, Pedro Stepanenko Gutierrez, who co-authored the open letter, warned Mexicans against turning against the US or its citizens, despite deteriorating bilateral ties under Trump.