UP shamed..Warden strips 70 girls to check for menstrual blood

Muzaffarnagar:: It is is one of the most disgusting incident that one would ever come across.  The warden o a residential school here allegedly stripped 70 girls  to check  “check for menstrual blood”. The incident happened after the warden saw blood in the bathroom She was later suspended

The students  alleged that  they were made to sit naked in the classroom during the search. “There was no teacher around. We were called downstairs (from the hostel). Madam made us to take off our clothes saying she will beat us if we did not. We are kids, what could we do? She would have beaten us had we not obeyed her,” one of the students was quoted by PTI as saying.

The parents of the victims have filed a complaint against the warden. The parents have alleged that the warden “often hits the girls and blackmails them”.

UP government has initiated an inquiry into the incident. “Concerned officials have been asked to enquire and take action against those responsible,” Cabinet minister Shrikant Sharma told ANI.

The warden denied the charges against her. “No one asked them to remove clothes. All this is a conspiracy by the staff because they do not want me to stay here. I had been asked to check whether the staff were performing their duties. I am strict, that is why they hate me,” she was quoted as saying by PTI.

After  the incident, out of 65 students in the school, 35 have left. District Primary Education Officer Chander Kesh Yadav said that many reports of harassment by the warden have surfaced, reported PTI.