Unmarried woman, preparing for competitive exams tries delivering a baby watching YouTube, both baby and mother die

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, March 12: This comes across as a shocking story where an unmarried woman in Uttar Pradesh, who was preparing for competitive exams, tries to deliver a baby watching YouTube. Her daring act became fatal and in the process she along with the newborn lost life.

This 25-year-old was attempting to deliver a baby alone in her rented room at Bilandpur here and in the process died. The police sources have confirmed the incident.If sources are to be trusted then the woman was reportedly watching a video on her mobile in the process of giving birth.The woman belonged to Bahraich and was living in Gorakhpur for the last four years. She was said to be a good student and was preparing for competitive exams according to the police.Four days ago, she took a room on rent in Bilandpur area and on Sunday, the other tenants noticed blood coming out of the door of her room, police said.After reaching the spot, police found the woman and her baby lying in a pool of blood.The woman's body was later taken for postmortem."The woman was 25 years old and unmarried. She died in an attempt to deliver baby alone in her room in which she came to live on rent just four days ago. However, she was living in Gorakhpur for the last four years and was preparing for competitive exams," said Ravi Rai, the SHO of Cant police station."No FIR was lodged as the family did not give any complaint letter and they also did not reveal anything about the man with whom she was having an affair," he said.

A word is awaited from the family, but most likely, suggest reports, the family members don't want to discuss the matter.

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