Unbelievable..Ajay Devgn did this to a director!

Mumbai:   Ajay Devgn is a known prankster, that's a well known fact. But what is lesser known is that he has a knack for suggesting names of films to directors. Recently he suggested a unique name for  a film which tells a unique love story, says the director.

"Mirza Juuliet" is produced by Green Apple Media and Falansha Media Pvt Ltd. Featuring Darshan Kumar and Pia Bajpai in lead roles, it is helmed by  Rajesh Ram Singh, who is currently directing TV show "Ghulaam".

Singh said: "It's true the film title was suggested by Ajay Devgn. The film's title 'Mirza Juuliet' was registered with N.R. Pachisia and we took it from him. The film is a romantic action thriller based in Uttar Pradesh.

"The film is shot in Mirzapur, Banaras and Dharamsala. The hero's character name is Mirza played by Darshan and Pia is playing Julie."