Unbelievable: FBI agent wished to marry an ISIS jihadi

New Delhi: How can a  person working in a premier investigative agency think of marrying an ISIS terrorists? Well, if reports are to be believed, this is exactly what was happening.

An FBI interpreter Daniela Greene is all set to marry German national Denis Cuspert who was a rapper. After joining ISIS he changed his name to Abu Talha al-Almani. Cuspert's primary work is to attract Germans to ISIS. One of his videos shows him threatening former US president Barack Obama.  

To get close to Cuspert she used Skype and then told her FBI employers before flying to Syria. There she even tipped him that he was under investigation. When she returned she realised her mistake and was awarded a two-years imprisonment.

The entire Greene-Cuspert episode was kept a secret to avoid media coverage. Even her friends had no inkling. When she decided her to visit Syria, she told her American husband that she was going to visit her parents in Munich. Instead, she went to Istanbul and contacted Cuspert. But after joining him in Syria, she quickly determined she had made a mistake.