Unbelievable! Baby born with 7 teeth

Ahmedabad: You may not believe it, but it is true. A baby was born hre with seven teeth. The doctors here performed two operation to extract the teeth. The worried parents had contacted doctors after they complained that the teeth were shaking and the baby could have swallowed them. Additionally, there was problem in breast feeding.

The parents eventually got in touch with pediatrician Dr Nirav Benani and Pediatric dentist Dr Mit Ramatri. "I have never seen a new born baby with seven teeth. The baby was too young, it was impossible to give him a regular anesthesia, so we gave him local anesthesia as guided by Dr. Benani," Dr Ramatri was quoted as saying. To avoid complications, additional measures were taken during the operations.

Doctors said that a delay in operation could have proved fatal."The natal teeth could have been trapped in baby's windpipe or food pipe," Ramatri added. "The surgery was bit challenging as baby's mouth was too small and chances of teeth to fall in baby's mouth was very high. It took us 15 minutes to remove all the teeth," the dentist said

The baby is now doing fine after surgery.