UM Motorcycles Range To Spread Across 200-500cc By 2020


The entry-level premium motorcycle space is growing in popularity by the day. With the number of enthusiasts growing exponentially, the range of middleweight displacement motorcycles being introduced in India is on the rise. UM Motorcycles is looking to establish itself in this space and, speaking to BikeDekho, the brand’s director, Rajeev Mishra, has revealed plans to expand into larger engine territory.

The current range includes the Renegade Commando and Sport S, both of which get 280cc engines. The Renegade Classic will also employ the same motor, while an adventure bike set to be introduced in 2018 will displace in the region of 230-250cc. UM is looking to gradually move up the block-size chain and models displacing up to 500cc will be introduced over the next three years. Little has been revealed about the projected launches, but they will be newly developed products since UM doesn’t offer an engine larger than 300cc yet. In all likelihood, the more powerful motorcycles will employ a V-Twin layout.

While the brand will introduce more body styles, it will primarily focus on making affordable cruisers since the segment is bereft of options – not to mention, UM is looking to break Royal Enfield’s monopoly.

UM Motorcycles is also focusing on fine-tuning its production consistency. Currently, through its partnership with Lohia Auto, the company can produce around 2,000 units a month. The brand is looking to raise this number to 5,000 in the first half of 2017 since it will eventually start catering to export markets as well.


UM Motorcycles Range To Spread Across 200-500cc By 2020