'Ullu banaoing': How Modi fooled 'Sharif' Nawaz!

New Delhi: It is clear that the Pakistan PM was too 'Sharif' to understand the Chanakya in PM Narendra Modi. Sharif took him on face value when Modi called upon Pakistan to come and fight war against poverty, illiteracy and unemployment, and lowered his guards thinking that like his predecessors, Modi too will not go all the way. After surgical strikes by India, Sharif has realised that Modi is a different material altogether.  In his speech from Kozikhode, Modi may have dropped enough hints, but Sharif thought it was public posturing. As things stand now, Nawaz Sharif is drawing flak from Pakistanis, while Modi is being applauded by the Indians. Round 1 goes to Modi--strategically, diplomatically and militarily.