Typhoid is deadly now, treatment difficult

New Delhi: Stressful lifestyle has its own health hazards and along with it pollution, adulteration--the modern day malice, things are getting worse. This is the price one has to pay for living in a civilised world. And things aren't stopping just here. Now even drugs, antibiotics to be precise, are becoming resistant in the treatment of normal diseases like typhoid. Doctors cite following reasons for the resistance of medicines resulting in the treatment of the illness:

-Consumption of contaminated food and water is the main reason behind the resistance

-Over-the-counter use of antibiotics is yet another reason

-Callous attitude: Patients continue taking simple fever medicines and this aggravates the case

- Earlier oral antibiotics were enough for the treatment. This is now being replaced injectable antibiotics, which are more powerful.

-20% to 30% patients now require injectable antibiotics as tablets and capsules don't work for them

- Nearly 40% patients require additional antibiotics as one does not give the desired results

rug resistance is also becoming a major problem in the treatment of pneumonia, urinary tract infection and tuberculosis.

Besides typhoid drug resistance is also developing in diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia and urinary tract infections.