Two mysterious theories that were floated with the timing of Sridevi's post mortem report!




If Indian news channels can't take you into the bathroom, they will bring the bathroom to you. The death of actor Sridevi on Saturday was destined to be big news, thanks to her worldwide popularity.

She had died, suddenly, at the age of 54, causing the nation to mourn for days together!  

However, as further details emerged about her death, India’s TV channels spotted an opportunity to sharpen their detective eyes and team up with the best professionals to make her death more mysterious and generate as much curiosity as possible! 

The final report, stated that she died from "accidental drawning." Supposedly, drowning! As much authenticity as the meat in those burgers at Mcdonalds.  

Two theories that completely refute the final post-mortem report were floated before and after her final post-mortem report. Let's delve into them and the reasons for them being floated around. 

Firstly, Sridevi had died from cardiac arrest. When the news of Sridevi’s death first broke out, cardiac arrest was widely reported by Indian media as the cause of her death. These were unconfirmed reports as the cause could only be conclusively established after an autopsy. It seemed quite untimely and illogical to float a theory like this before standard procedures in such cases happen. However, this false news about Sridevi’s forensic report too emerged in Indian media much before the report was floated. According to a Times of India journalist (Sushil Rao), a supposed forensic report was floated from his twitter account at midnight (IST) on the night of her death that, "Sridevi died of heart attack in Dubai. A journalist, named Vasudeva Rao also, that has been working in Dubai for the last 14 years informed on this. He spoke to the doctors in Dubai. The official forensic report had not been released at this time. Soon after the Times of India report, various leading platforms like Hindustan Times, National Herald and First Post also tweeted the same, without any independent verification from their end and without questioning the news as being shared before an official confirmation. Some of these tweets are still available, though the stories have been amended to state drowning as the cause of death. Sanjay Kapoor (Sridev's brother-in-law), supposedly believing the false news, also mentioned that he was "shocked" because Sridevi didn't have any heart ailments. He almost believed it too, then! If the leading newspapers report it, then you believe it. The nation wakes up-to them. It has the power to inform, influence and entertain us. Such is the power and outreach of media! 

Secondly, Sridevi's drug overdose theory. The 54-year-old was reportedly found unconscious in a bathtub inside her room at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai after attending a family wedding. Various family members at the wedding stated that Sridevi had drank quite a bit at the wedding functions. So as per reports from senior journalists, such as Simi Chandoke, it was a mix of pills and alcohol that caused it. Once calling her a "husband snatcher", Simi astoundingly came to her rescue this time. She said something along the lines of, "the beauty standards of the industry, for both men and women, have been a debatable issue. Sridevi was on diet pills, pills after lip surgery and was drinking heavily for a few days before her death." She lead on speculations that her “restless efforts” to fit into the standards through various means like a crash diet, or a lip-job might have resulted into the cardiac arrest, which otherwise (according to final post mortem report) remains unattributed, have little regards for the deceased actor as well as her grieving family. This theory was floated because such drugs often lead to symptoms such as loss of consciousness, no heartbeats, loss of pulse, fainting, chest pain, blackouts and shortness of breath. "A cardiac arrest occurs when blood flow to the heart is obstructed, or the rhythm is disrupted - either too slow or very fast,” says Dr Suresh Rao, head, cardiac critical care, Fortis Malar. 

Even after the charismatic woman dubbed as India's first female superstar has been cremated, questions about Sridevi's sudden death abound, especially due to the reversal in the initial statement that she passed away due to a cardiac arrest. There is always a tendency to accuse the media of being dense and insensitive. But in all the misuse of the right to passage (wrt the press) and the deputed thrills of dancing on someone's misery, one aspect becomes clear: The nation deserves the media they get! Gazillions were perched in front of their TV screens, lapping it all up. As the hours passed, subtle comments gave way and every crude element that was brought up gave us the thrill of scaling heights on a roller coaster and as each element unfolded, it was like the fulfillment when you come down from one.