Two Fashionistas in One night!


Fashion is all about experimentation, style, aptitude and confidence (to carry it off). Our Bollywood Ladies aren't too far behind in exhibiting some of the best styles from around the world. 


Recently, at the Conde Nast Traveller India Hot Tables event, Sonam Kapoor and Mira Rajput astounded everyone with their fashion statements!


* Firstly, Sonam Kapoor wore a Zoe Champion knitwear and accompanied it with a L'afshar purse. The bold colours and pattern was a eye-opening look by the actress and attracted applause by the fashion faculty also. The winter is usually associated with cold, sluggish emotions so she awakened our senses as she brought on the bright colours to create fire on ice!  




* Then came the most stylish missus of Bollywood (slowly the coveted appelation is shifting from Gauri to her), Mira Kapoor. She turned up in an Ashish Soni pantsuit and was styled by Anisha Jain. The outfit, which Mira paired with a black corset, had a two-tone flair, giving it a '70s feel, was she even born then? She did full justice to the era with her swag and confidence, though!