Two Factors that can lead you to your dream job!


             The purpose of a job is to ensure livelihood, basically. However, the ever-fast paced life has made us intermittent and eager to learn more and more about the world. Since it’s all about – survival of the fittest, you want to be well briefed about your job, your future in it as well as your expectations from it. You can’t afford to stagnate when there are a hundred people you can be replaced with due to your inefficiency and lack of knowledge. Let’s consider two factors on bringing to reality the ultimate job (position) you want and for example for each of them – let’s take the job of Vogue’s Fashion Director – Anaita Shroff Adajania. Since I have flare for colors, style, fashion trends and trial-and-error, her job would definitely be a dream job.





                Firstly, don't be deterred by a lack of experience. In developing a resume and other promotional materials for the field you want to pursue, think about how your current skills and talents acclaim to the responsibilities you'll hold in the new job. For example, knowledge of project management, client relations, information technology and sales will take you far in most types of careers. Thus, for Anaita – she was an actress and a model and ventured into styling when Bollywood didn’t quite understand what styling meant. However, she had personal style, she had the contacts from working in movies (Adi, SRK and Karan, namely) and she had been modeling so she knew what exactly looked good on women and had the feel for current trends. Today, she’s the fashion director for India’s leading magazine.


                  Secondly, remember that any progress in good progress. Confident people also manage to remain in unsatisfying jobs because they feel safe, and because they're afraid of making an incorrect decision.  But in the quest to uncover a source of meaningful work, though, your big determent is inertia. Get out there! Hear and be heard. Make an effort to do one thing at a time—such as creating an emailing network so you can email them on a regular basis or attend events and exhibitions that pertain to your industry and just soak in the atmosphere. So for Anaita, she attends various fashion events, has a directory of the famous designers and most of them are on a speed-dial basis with her. Surely, the work would be sapping for her at Vogue, however, she still takes on projects in movies just to be viable and acknowledged in an industry that thrives on being visually pleasing.


            Thus, the above two pointers have to do with pace, mainly. Truly wise people pace themselves without becoming obsolete. They hone their skills at regular intervals, when they seem to have plateaued and are superbly focused in the path they take to achieve success. Pacing yourself makes you more observant, more competent and more confident. Remember you don’t have to go fast, you just have to keep going!