Twitter is a narcissist's help centre, feels Simon Pegg

Los Angeles: Hollywood filmmaker Simon Pegg believes that the micro-blogging website Twitter is a narcissist's help centre. Pegg decided to quit the social media platform after he reached five million followers on the website and says that he doesn't miss the mean remarks some of his fans would post online, reports "I felt I'd given the world my phone number. I'd read the replies and it was people talking to you as if they knew you. Twitter is a narcissist's help centre,” Observer newspaper quoted Pegg as saying. "People generate their own celebrity on it and then they buy into it. They drink the Kool-Aid of their follower numbers. Lots and lots of people would be lovely and it would give you this little buzz of validation. And then someone says something mean, and you're like: 'F**k you!' But why choose between the two,” he added.