Turkey's President declares a state of emergency

Turkey's president has declared a state of emergency for three months following Friday night's failed army coup.

"This measure is in no way against democracy, the law and freedoms," said Mr Erdogan after announcing the state of emergency.

The president has held US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, a former ally whose followers run a worldwide network of schools responsible for the coup.

He has called for Mr Gulen to be extradited to Turkey, but US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday that Turkey must provide hard evidence the cleric was behind the coup attempt for any extradition to take place.

Earlier, Mr Erdogan warned of further arrests and suspensions to come as Turkish authorities continued to pursue those they believed responsible for the thwarted putsch.

More than 50,000 state employees have been sacked since the coup. On Wednesday, 99 top military officers were spotted in connection with the events of the weekend.