Trupti Desai says she will visit Sabarimala next unannounced, using guerilla tactics

  New Delhi, Nov 17, News24 Bureau: Activist Trupti Desai had to return empty-handed as of now, but not without a vow. Sensing that further waiting will be a futile exercise as the whole airport has been converted to a fortress, as of now she took this wise step.

Activist Trupti Desai, who was forced to return to Pune without visiting Sabarimala Temple owing to a possible disruption of law and order, said she will next visit the hill shrine unannounced using "guerilla tactics""When we landed at the Kochi airport, protestors gathered there hurled abuses at us and threatened us to go back. The police, too, requested us to leave saying anything can happen. We didn't want anything to happen to the people of the state because of us, so we decided to return. Police have told us that they'll provide us security the next time we visit. This time we went there after announcing, but the next time we won't announce that we're visiting but will follow guerrilla tactics," she said.Narrating her ordeal, Desai said that cab drivers were not ready to take her and her seven-member team to Sabarimala fearing agitation. "Two taxis did arrive at the airport to take us to Sabarimala. However, protestors said they would destroy the cars and attack us. Therefore, the cabs denied to take us to Sabarimala," she explained.The activist further said the Kerala government had failed in providing security to women wanting to visit Sabarimala. She further condemned the "hooliganism" witnessed at the Kochi airport upon her arrival."Protesters were resorting to violence and hooliganism, they should not have done that. They call themselves Lord Ayyappa's devotees but I don't think they can be his devotees. They were verbally abusing us and threatening us. If they wanted to oppose us, they should have protested in Nilakkal but they knew that if we reached Nilakkal, we would advance to Pamba and return only after Darshan. They were scared and hence stopped us at the airport itself," she added.

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