Trump's tweets appear 'disconnected' from original thread

New York: Many users on Twitter have been complaining that their replies to the US President Donald Trump's tweets appear as disconnected and separate from the original threads.

Some people have called the issue as a matter of censorship but Twitter's Vice President of engineering Ed Ho has clarified that the "orphaned tweets" were caused by a "long standing technical issue".

According to Ho, the issue crops up when tweets generate a large number of replies.

"@dannysullivan @jack it's due to the high number of replies, long standing technical issue, we are working on a fix," tweeted Ho.

Trump's tweets generate a lot of public engagement and receive huge responses, thus putting a tremendous pressure on Twitter's system. 

According to a report in Fortune on Saturday, Twitter is, at least historically, notorious for uneven handling of system loads. 

"But the issue of the disconnected tweets is in some ways even more pernicious than the sitewide outages of yesteryear. Arguments that Twitter was censoring either pro- or anti-Trump tweets might not have been accurate, but they reflected a real erosion of faith in Twitter's openness," the report said.