Trump's campaign reflects negativity: Clinton

Washington: Asserting that the US is the "best-placed" country in the world to seize the future, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has attacked her Republican rival Donald Trump for running a negative campaign as she embarked on a bus tour with her running mate.

"Donald Trump says America is weak, that we're in decline. Well, all I can tell you is, we are the best-placed country in the world to seize the future," she said in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, launching a three-day bus tour with her vice presidential running mate Tim Kaine in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

68-year-old Clinton, who has been the secretary of state, first lady and senator, said her campaign is build on positive energy and alleged that Trump's campaign reflects negativity.

"And if you're looking for a kind of pessimistic, downbeat vision of America, we're not your folks. We do not buy into that dark, divisive image that was presented at the Republican convention last week," said Clinton, who is the first woman presidential candidate of a major political party.

In her maiden public appearance after officially accepting the presidential nomination of the party in Philadelphia at the party convention yesterday, Clinton questioned Trump's claims on jobs creation and economy.


Lalit K Jha