Is Trump placing personal relationships above American interests?

New Delhi, Nov 21: Fred Ryan, CEO and publisher at the Washington Post has trashed United States President Trump's response to Jamal Khashoggi's murder, calling it a betrayal of long-established American values of respect for human rights.Ryan, in a statement, accused the US President saying, "Trump is placing personal relationships and commercial interests above American interests in his desire to continue to do business as usual with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia."Adding further to the statement, the Washington Post CEO insisted that if there is any reason to doubt the findings of the Central Intelligence Agency revealing the hands of Saudi Crown Prince behind Khashoggi's death then President Trump should immediately make that evidence public, Washington Post reported on November 20."An innocent man, brutally slain, deserves better, as does the cause of truth and justice and human rights," Ryan added.Trump on Tuesday had claimed that the US will not tarnish relations with critical ally and will stand behind Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ignoring the CIA's conclusion of him ordering the brutal killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.