Trump lashes out at media; calls CNN "Clinton News Network"

Washington: Lashing out at American media, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump termed CNN as "Clinton News Network" and called the New York Times "dishonest" for allegedly favouring his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

"You look at CNN, it's called the Clinton news network. All day long, Trump, Trump -- all day long, CNN, Trump, Trump, such a bad guy," Trump yesterday said at a town hall in Columbus, Ohio.

Targeting the New York Times, Trump said, "the New York Times is really, really dishonest, and it's failing. I don't think they'll be in business more than two or three years. Look at their numbers. They're failing".

China cheating US with currency manipulation

China is making a fortune with currency manipulation, Donald Trump has alleged, saying if he is elected as president, he would impose a 10 percent tax on Chinese products in the United States markets.

"China makes a fortune with currency manipulation. It's cheating. It's cheating," Trump said in Columbus, Ohio yesterday.

Trump for strong ties between US and Russia

Donald Trump has favoured strong relations between the US and Russia in wiping out the Islamic State terror group.

"You know Russia, like us, has nuclear weapons folks. It would be really nice if we got along with Russia and others that we don't get along with right now and wouldn't it be nice if we teamed up with Russia and others, including surrounding states and maybe NATO and we knocked the hell out of ISIS and got rid of these people?" Trump said during a town hall in Columbus, Ohio yesterday.