Trump economic policy will benefit rich: Clinton

Washington: The economic policy unveiled by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will benefit the rich by cutting their taxes and do little to create jobs or boost the economy, his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton has said.

"He has given these kinds of plans or policies that don't really deserve that name. Basically, it's cut taxes on the wealthy, get out of the way and let the wealthy do whatever they want," Clinton said at a well-attended election rally in Florida, a key swing State.

Referring to the Trump's economic policy speech, Clinton said there wasn't a lot in it for most Americans.

"He's got he announced a few days ago that he's got a dozen economic advisors. Let's see, he's got three Wall Street money managers, an oil baron, a former chief economist at one of the big banks at the heart of the financial crisis, he's got six men named Steve and they all care about the same things he does, about how to avoid paying their fair share," she said.

"I intend to make the wealthy pay their fair share to build this economy. He wants to roll back regulations on Wall Street. I want to tighten them and make them cover more people so that we don't ever end up in the ditch we were in with the Great Recession. He hasn't offered any plans about infrastructure except building a wall and making Mexico pay for it," Clinton said.