Trump breaks 130-yr old record, first Prez who doesn't have it!

New York:  Donald Trump could be the first US President in 130 years to do it.  In a short time,  he has  proved to the world that he is not a copybook US President, he's a shade different.

He may now be the first US President who does not have a canine companion in the White House.According to a report in Independent on Tuesday, most US Presidents have had a least one dog, while many have had several.

"Obamas had two Portuguese water dogs named Sunny and Bo, President George W Bush had two terriers and a spaniel and President Clinton had a Labrador named Buddy," the report noted.

It was rumoured that Trump might adopt a Goldendoodle, who was being fostered by one of the his friends.

But the idea was dropped after the wife of Trump's friend decided to keep Goldendoodle herself.

According to the report, the last US President not to have a dog was William McKinley.

Trump has been using dog-related similes often which led the Daily Dot to write an article last year, claiming: "Donald Trump has no idea what dogs are or what they do."