Troian Bellisario slams Taylor Swift

Los Angeles: "Pretty Little Liars" actress Troian Bellisario has lashed out at singer Taylor Swift. The 30-year-old actress has claimed that Swift treats her former friends terribly, reports "I'm so appalled by what I consider to be her false feminism," Bellisario told Cosmopolitan magazine.  "It seems like she is this person who is like, 'Sisterhood!' and then she does nothing but tear down the women that were once her friends," she added.  Bellisario was also asked about Swift's ongoing feud with reality TV personality Kim Kardashian and her rapper husband Kanye West over his song "Famous", but insisted she won't be taking sides because she is not a fan of either of them. "Oh God. I have such an aversion to the Kardashians because I literally don't understand people's obsession with them and I don't want to accept them as our closest thing to a royal family," she said.