Triple Talaq victims will now get pension

New Delhi: Assam has come out with an innovative idea. It plans pension for triple talaq victims. This is to lessen the pain of the affected women, to an extent. Himanta Biswa Sarma, Assam's health and education minister said on Thursday that the state will provide skill development training and pension to Muslim women who are a victim of triple talaq.

He said that the skill development training would be imparted to all women divorcees so that they acquire gainful employment. He added, "But for Muslim women divorcees, we have proposed special support by providing pension during the training period. This is because unlike other women divorcees, their Muslim counterparts do not get any alimony or support from the former husband." He went on to say that the draft policy would be placed in the assembly session in August.

This proposal has been recommended in the revised draft population policy which has been renamed 'Draft population and Women empowerment policy of Assam.