Triple Talaq: Now Amreen Bano wants to give triple talaq to her husband

New Delhi: Amreen Bano is a woman with strong will power. And triple talaq does not scare her anymore. Challenging situations around her and her world have made her a strong person. Even her sister Farheen bore the brunts of triple talaq after which her husband threw her out of her house.

Says Amreen."My sister has been divorced through triple talaq and now I too want to give my husband triple talaq." Bitter by her saga of domestic violence she goes on to add, "I want to give triple talaq to my husband since he has denied keeping me and my child after his brother beat me and my sister for money.

Amreen Bano 24 and her sister Farheen got married in Meerut to two brothers Shabir and Shakir respectively. And thus started their journey of torture and bashing. They were beaten, asked to indulge in unnatural sex and abused. Once when Amreen son's asked for RS 5 from Farheen's husband he thrashed him and told the sisters to fetch money from father's home. When Farheen's husband gave triple talaq Amreen also walked out.

Now Amreen also wants to give triple talaq to her husband. 'Why only men can give triple talaq, why not women," she questions.

Amreen, along with her sister Farheen, has sought justice from the inspector general as the FIR filed on January 30 has not led to any action against their former husbands.