Triple Talaq again in Meerut: This time via a letter

New Delhi: After reading the courageous take of Amreen Bano of Meerut who dared to give triple talaq to her husband, now comes another case from Meerut of the social malice called Triple Talaq.

This time a woman got triple talaq via letter. But she is not the one to break down so easily. 

She says,"I don't consider it valid." But she is pained that police didn't register complaint despite repeated visits. Now she has decided to go to media and perhaps this may help her case, she feels.

Ever since the Modi government has voiced its concern for the Muslim women, many cases of triple talaq is being reported in media. The aggrieved women, who earlier relinquished in silence have now chosen to come out in open to share their stories of torture and injustice.