Trends for Wedding Lehengas for 2017

 2016 was the year of bringing back tradition for weddings. The brides opted for delicate silks, rich velvets with intricate beadworks, sequins and hand embroidery. Red was the color, following tradition, through and through! However, in 2017, brides have become experimental.  I so wish to have gotten married in 2017. Back in 2009, it was all about the big designers and we followed them blindly (if we couldn’t afford the originals, then it was running off to Chandni Chowk to locate their replicas! Yup, yours truly did exactly that, Ritu Kumar too!). Anyway, the ladies of 2017 have become innovative and are determined to exhibit  their personalities on their most monumental occasion of their lives. Here are three trends that brides have come up with in 2017:

            Firstly, it’s the lehengas with the trails. Imprinted in the minds of images of Princess Diana and Princess Kate with their veils flowing, very much taking a form and presence on their own makes us brides want that glam and ginormity! The trail becomes an extension of your garb. The best materials to have trails with are velvets as they can sustain the heavy embroidery that you might wish to have on them.

           Secondly, jackets to pair up with your lehengas. This is a hot trend these days. You can opt for short, crop top ones, of long ones, they give you a formal as well as a regal feel. Their great for winters! Delicate silk or velvet jackets with beautiful gold or silver work embroidery with embellishments enhance your lehenga from street to runway couture! For longer jackets, during summers, you can opt for shimmery materials such as georgette and crepes.

            Thirdly, it’s the digital prints! Designers are going crazy with this new trend! Firstly, they can be made under a cost of 10,000. Secondly, they are great for summer weddings! Thirdly, they appear great on any kind of fabric. They are the new-age version of the golden, traditional, threadwork!  Digital prints are able to accomplish what craftsman can’t – which is customization! Digital printing combines the accuracy of artificial intelligence, the efficiency of some robotics and the vision of the futuristic and fashion-forward bride!


            Ladies, it doesn’t matter how modern or independent we become, our wedding is the biggest event of our lives. Watching your man watch you walk down the aisle in your finery gives you the glee that any six-figure salary won’t.  However, since our beliefs aren’t traditional anymore, our choice for lehengas shouldn’t also be traditional. Your wedding, your style, your call, your fabrics, your cuts, your glory and your celebration! Mubarakan!