Treat your hardworking mom to hair care this summer!

New Delhi: Mothers are known for thinking about everyone else in the house but themselves -- on the occasion of Mother's Day, that falls on Sunday, give them some hair makeover and make them feel special, says an expert. Shailesh Moolya, national creative director, hair of Lakme Salon shared a few tips on how to help your mother look fabulous on the day dedicated to her.  *With the temperature rising, try and use a hair serum instead of hair oil as it is less oily and greasy. * When leaving home use a hat, scarf or stole to shade your hair. You should always use ammonia free hair colours as they curtail the harmful effects of colouring and nourishes your hair. * It is essential to go for a hair spa treatment as they help you get rid of all hair related problems and gives them a completely new feel.  *Try different effortless hair styles that can help get you in the spirit of summer. Style your hair into braids or loose top knots. *It’s important to not tie your hair too tight as they tend to damage and cause unnecessary hair fall.