This train will leave you stunned

Tokyo, May 26: The bullet train is a symbol of Japan's technological advancement. The east Asian country showcased this national icon ahead of next year's Tokyo Olympics with a new bullet train  model.

According to operator Central Japan Railway Company, the train reportedly hit a record speed of 360 kilometers per hour in a test run late on Friday.

The N700s is the first new bullet train model to run on Japan’s busiest line in almost a decade. The suffix 's' stands for supreme.

The train is lighter and uses less energy than current models. It also sports additional safety features to prevent damage during earthquakes.

The record was achieved the tracks linking Maibara and Kyoto. This is the fastest speed achieved by a commercial model of shinkansen bullet train. 

However, when the new model eventually enters service, it is expected to operate at the line’s current top speed of 285 kph.

The Central Japan Railway Company has reportedly spent 240 billion yen ($2.2 billion) on the introduction of the train series. 

It will continue tests on the top speed until the middle of next month.

News24 Bureau

Photo: Google Image