Tragic.. 3 kids drown in water drum while playing

Ghaziabad: In a spine-chilling incident, three children died here in Sahibabad on Monday evening as they fell into the water drum. 

According to report in 'The Times of  India', the kids, one of them a toddler and others aged 4 and 5, fell into a partially filled water drum and died.   

They were playing near a house in Panchsheel Colony where some labourers live and managed to climb into the drum kept just outside the house, police said. Two of them were siblings, both boys. The other was a 5-year-old girl who lived as the boys' neighbour.

The drum, which is almost 3 feet in height and has a capacity of 200 litres, was filled with only 20 litres of water. Police believe the children may have suffocated after falling head-long into the drum and being unable to extract themselves.
The children who died are Niyaz (18 months), Azaan (4 years) and Salma. Salma's father is Abdul while Niyaz and Azaan were sons of Niazuddin. Both are construction labourers. "The kids found empty buckets, which were lying nearby, and after flipping them over, they climbed on the buckets to jump inside the drum," said Dhirendra Singh Yadav, SHO, Sahibabad police station.

Apparently, the labourers used to store water for daily use in the drum. Around 6.30 in the evening, a woman found a lot of water near the drum.

While taking a casual peek inside, she discovered to her horror the bodies of the three children. The woman immediately raised an alarm, following which people gathered at the spot and informed the police.

"This is a very tragic incident. After reaching the spot, we collected the bodies of the children and sent them for post-mortem. Once we get the report, we will be clear about the cause of death," said Yadav, the SHO.